Wonhyuk Choi

Welcome to my place in the world wide web!

I am a Software Engineer on the Validation and Verification team at Meta, where I work on program analysis for HHVM.

I received my M.S. in Computer Science at Columbia University, advised by Mark Santolucito. My research focused on programming languages and formal methods, specifically on program synthesis (papers at PLDI and APLAS).

I was also a data scientist at Data Marketing Korea, where I worked on natural language processing (NLP) and developed a new deep learning noun extraction model for Korean that achieved a state-of-the-art accuracy of 95.9%.
Before that, I studied math at Pomona College, where I was advised by Shahriar Shahriari and Sam Nelson.

My Erdös Number is 3 (Abdollah Khodkar→Douglas West→Paul Erdös).

Contact me at: wonhyuk.choi@columbia.edu