Last updated: June 27th, 2022


Columbia University
M.S. Computer Science, 2021
Pomona College
B.S. Mathematics, 2017
Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Experience

Software Engineer @ Meta
Mar 2022 - Present
Program analysis for HHVM, the JIT runtime for the Hack language responsible for all of Meta's web frontends
Dynamic taint analysis for privacy data with record-replay
Data Scientist @ Data Marketing Korea
Sep 2019 - June 2020
Worked on natural language processing (NLP) tasks including document classification, summarization, and topic modelling
Developed new noun extraction algorithm with state-of-the-art accuracy of 95.9%
Systemized machine learning post-processing pipeline to analyze 500 million articles per day
Liasion Officer & Interpreter @ Korean Army 1st Corps
Nov 2017 - July 2019
Communicated classified intelligence between US Army 2nd Division and Korean Army 1st Corps
Translated international meetings between generals and officers


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For a more detailed resume, please contact me at wonhyuk.choi@columbia.edu.